How it all came together

As a graphic designer, video editor, motion graphics artist, animator and interactive developer, I first laid my hands on a Mac in the late 1980’s and haven’t looked back ever since. I am a Columbia College graduate.

My experience ranges from the more traditional design fundamentals-having spent time in the dark room, screen printing, creating stop-motion animation and hand drawing, to my current expertise in new media applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Bringing these tools together and making them sing can be a challenge but one with endless possibilities. This is where I excel and look forward to the next project where I can use my art design fundamentals, creativity and expertise in interactive design to produce quality online projects.

How my free time is spent

My interests stretch from music, design, architecture, photography, film and animation. I enjoy meeting up with other artists by going to meet-ups, film festivals, shows and gallery openings. I also love to go fishing and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found me cooking something up around my Weber Grill even in the dead of winter. .